About Me

Hello, I'm Nelly Tan, and I serve as a radiologist at Mayo Clinic's Arizona campus, specializing in abdominal imaging. My journey into radiology began after initial training in urology at Yale-New Haven Hospital. Finding my true calling in radiology, I completed my residency and fellowship in abdominal radiology at UCLA in Los Angeles, which equipped me with a profound depth of knowledge and skills in diagnostic imaging.

Throughout my career, including a significant period at Loma Linda University Health and now at Mayo Clinic since March 2020, I have focused on enhancing diagnostic practices and patient outcomes through innovative imaging techniques. My expertise primarily lies in utilizing advanced MRI and CT technology to diagnose diseases affecting the abdominal organs comprehensively and precisely.

In addition to my clinical responsibilities, I am passionately involved in academic medicine and mentorship. I guide both undergraduate and medical students in research projects, aiming to inspire and shape the future leaders of medicine. My work is not just my profession; it is my contribution to advancing medical science and improving patient care.

I regularly contribute to scientific literature, sharing insights and findings that push the boundaries of our understanding in abdominal radiology. My publications reflect my commitment to my field and my incessant pursuit of knowledge.

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