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Who I am:
  • a mother
  • an outdoor enthusiast 
  • an abdominal radiologist
  • an educator
  • a researcher

I completed my B.S/MD degree at the University of California, Riverside/University of California, Los Angeles Biomedical Sciences. I worked at National Institutes of Health Urologic Oncology Branch for a year and did 2 years of general surgery/urology before switching residency to UCLA where I completed my residency and fellowship. I worked at Loma Linda University Medical Center, and in March 2020, moved to Mayo Clinic Arizona.

Research Interests

I believe the insights into improving our current processes and increasing our knowledge of health and medicine are held in the data that currently exist.  Data comes in many forms.  My area of interest is in medical data. Being able to uncover those secrets and patterns is what I love to do.

Prostate Imaging: Most of my research had been in understanding the strengths and limitations of prostate imaging, application of prostate MR for patients with prostate cancer.  I started out evaluating the efficacy of transrectal ultrasound guided prostate biopsy at Cleveland Clinic, under the guidance of Dr. Stephen Jones. Then, I looked at the effects of statins on prostate cancer detection when I was still in medical school.  I started residency; after two years of general surgery-urology training, I decided to move into the imaging world of radiology at Ronald Reagan-UCLA Medical Center. With an imaging team in the Abdominal Section of the Radiology Department, I helped developed the radiology-pathology database for prostate cancer; specifically, we developed a database of 330 patients who have had prostate MR and then prostatectomy. We've published the MR imaging predictors of prostate cancer detection on whole-mount histopathology and In-Bore MRI guided prostate biopsy. I have had the privilege of working with an incredible multidisciplinary team of engineers, medical imaging informaticist, MR physicists, radiologists, pathologists, urologists, and radiation oncologists to take this work to the next level by integrating the database into a web interface. My PubMed publications cover my past peer-reviewed manuscripts.


Unlike research and clinical practice, I believe education is the gateway to inspire the next generation of physicians and the like. It's a little selfish but I love the connection the students develop for the subject and to me after they've gained valuable knowledge. I try to implement newer online techniques (i.e., audience response system; online webinar sessions) to educate and inspire the students. I've taught the Men Endocrine (4 hrs) to the second year medical students at University of California, Riverside School of Medicine since 2013 and I'm the lead instructor for the 4th year Radiology clerkship starting in 2016.  Radiology course website is UCR Radiology

In May 2018, my colleagues and I started abdominal radiology colleagues and I started an open online monthly interesting abdominal radiology case webinar Cases for Aces bringing together abdominal rads from around the country to learn, connect and have fun. The best part is I get to tap into the collective brains for group consults on my tough cases. Medical students and radiology residents also join in on the fun.

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Aside from my clinical and research interests, on the side, I love tennis, running (ran my first and maybe the last marathon in March 2017 (LA Marathon)), and anything outdoors (I am a thermophile).

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