American Board of Radiology Core Resources

The American Board of Radiology (ABR) Core experience blog I posted in July 2015 makes up about 25% of my blog traffic, so I decided to put together selected online resources that I found helpful.

Summary Blog American Board of Radiology Core Exam: My Perspective

Question Banks

    • ABR Practice Exam Questions: These are very representative of the exam! Highly recommend.
    • General Q Banks
      • Webinars: Face The Core (Live; recorded are also available)
      • Qevlar General 2100 questions (anytime). Highly recommend.
      • RadPrimer 7000 questions (anytime). Highly recommend.
    • Nuclear Medicine: 
    • Physics:


Online Lectures

Live In-Person Lectures (Board Reviews)


    • UCSF
    • Duke
    • UCSD
    • ARRS Case Base Review at the Annual Meeting



Study Strategy. 

Check my summary blog for details. In general:
  • I love flashcards. I cut up printing paper into 1/16 (keep folding it), hole punch one corner and keep them in 1 inch rings. I write and draw all facts, images, etc and review them everyday.
  • I study subjects at random, rather than by subject to avoid over / under emphasizing the last 3 months leading up to the boards
  • if you're a 3rd year resident, and I had to do it again, I would go through The Core book (there is a pdf version) and make flashcards of each chapter and review the flashcards regularly. The Core has 90-95% that you need to know for the exam, but presented in an easy-to-read fashion. The last three months, I would do the 10,000 MCQ, do the Huda physics, do Face The Core session, UCSF videos and study my flashcards.
  • Take breaks! 
  • Do something to help you focus. I started meditating and still do now. But, I presume you could also exercise, do yoga, etc.  
Did you know? I don't accept money or free gifts for my blog posts.  Like you, everything I reviewed in the blog, I paid for myself. This helps to ensure objective, independent review of the material presented here. 


  1. Hi Dr. Tan! Thanks for your blog. It's been really helpful in my exam prep. Hope you're doing well.

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