My Recommendations

Education Resources

These are some of my go-to resources for putting lectures together.
  • Poll Everywhere Audience Response System. I love this software. Free for up to 40 responses! Also integrates with Google Slides (new feature)!
  • OBS Project: Open source video recorder for your lectures! Easy to use and it's free!
  • YouTube to upload images and videos.
  • Google Slides which I now use preferentially over Microsoft PowerPoint

Research Resources

  • EndNote Web: : Fantastic resource of Citation Manager. Create an account on the cloud and free to use (freemium). Sync with any MS word.
  • Nuance Dragon Dictation: This costs $75-100 dollars but it's worth it. Speaking, rather than typing, gets the manuscripts done much faster. 
  • Google Scholar: Create your account and get your citations, h-index and more!

Webcast & Webinars:  

Going to class and attending conferences are a great way to learn. But, it can be really inconvenient, expensive and tiring. I recently recalled the amazing benefits of attending live webinars when I could just open my computer and participate from anywhere that I have Wifi. I feel like I gain more because I'm more attentive and more comfortable. But, I started looking into recorded webinars and here are some that I really like:
  • Coursera: Fantastic resource for outstanding online classes (some are free!). 
  • ISMRM: The international MR society now offers webinars for their meetings! MR is not the easiest to understand but I love this meeting because I learn so much about all of these smart MR physicists. I wasn't able to attend the meeting this past year but I was so excited to find out most of the video lectures are available now!
  • UC Berkeley WebcastsThe Beauty and Joy of Computing
    • I love this course because it's a great introduction to computer science for the non-computer science people. It highlights some of the existing and emerging applications of computing. For those who feels obsolete with respect to technology, this is a good start to catch up.

Favorite Books / Audiobooks

I'm on the road a lot so use this time to listen to audiobooks. Here are some of my favorites.
  • Mind Set: The New Psychology of Success. Carol Dweck
  • Make It Stick by Peter Brown: This is a great audiobook because it teaches you effective strategies for studying and retaining materials. I wish I read this earlier than I did. See my blog on this specific audio book.
  • Moon walking with Einstein by Josuha Foer: Great book/audiobook to learn about how memory works and strategies to improve retention. 
  • The Art of Learning by Josh Waitzkin. Fantastic book on techniques and mindsets required to achieve high-level success. High yield and outstanding read.

TED Talks

I love TED talks. It such a great source to learn about all the neat things that are out there. Here are some of my favorites:
  • TED Talk by Dan Buettner “How To Live to be 100+
  • Dan Pink The puzzle of motivation
    • This is a great on what motivates people. For instructional work, incentive promotes productivity. However, for creative work, incentive deters productivity. 

Updated: May 26, 2016

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