Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Comparisons of electronic Note Taking Options

Problem: many, if not most lectures, are now in power point format. Frequently, the audience will be provided with a pdf version of the power point. I didn't know what the best way was to take notes, so I explored different options.

Methods I explored for note taking:
Samsung Note 10 tablet*:

  • advantages: you get the real feel of note taking
    • back up on the cloud 
  • disadvantages: same limitations as paper note taking
  • *note: for apple users, iPad would serve the same purpose.
Adobe Acrobat:  this is my most recent discovery.
  • advantages: 
    • you can comment directly onto the slides so you save time by have the materials already on hand
    • for text notes, this works very well
    • back up to the cloud
    • NOTE: Chrome browser offers extensions for pdf viewers. I've tried Notable PDF and it works great. You can edit pdf directly on the browser and save it to your computer or Google Drive.
  • disadvantages:
    • limited draw tools
Print the power point slides
  • advantages:
    • no devices needed
  • disadvantages
    • no back up on the cloud
    • clutter
My Recommendations:
For lots of packed lectures: Adobe
For lectures without hand-outs available: Samsung Note (or iPad, etc)

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