Friday, April 3, 2015

3 Keys for Mastering an Unbalanced Life -- by Kristy Campbell

I came across this post from Maria Shriver website written by Kristy Campbell about work-life balance, which most (if not all) of us will encounter as some (many) points in our lives and it was very enlightening in terms of how to change our perspective of Work-Life balance. Kristy Campbell's approach is more realistic and attainable compared to the unrealistic expectations we often set for ourselves. The crux of her message is as follow:
There are a few keys learnings, but I start each day with the goal of doing the best I can. I stopped chasing perfection, and I give myself the permission to fall because I know I can get up again. I’ve learned that the answer in seeking work life/balance is not in mastering balance, it is in mastering the unbalance.
Three Keys to Mastering the Unbalanced Life
  1. Give Whatever is in Front of You Your All and Move On
Unbalanced doesn’t mean you slack off. It means you look at what is in front of you and you give it your best effort and focus. And then, move on.
  1. Forgive Yourself: Balance requires perfection. Unbalance requires forgiveness.
Everyone can fall off the balance beam or out of the yoga pose. It’s easy to do. The success is in the getting up…in the not being afraid to fall because you know you can get up again. Find strength in your ability to adapt and recover and forgive yourself for falling. Remember falling is not failing.
  1. Measure Your Balance in Years, Not Weeks or Months
Be patient. You can have it all, just not at the same time in the same moment. Give yourself the gift of time to measure your success.

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