Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Kelsey Martin Interim Dean of UCLA School of Medicine

Dr Kelsey Martin (Image taken from UCLA website)
UCLA announced today that Dr. Kelsey Martin would become the interim dean of the David Geffen school of medicine at UCLA. To be honest, I didn't know who she was and then, looked her up on Google. Her CV is incredible. Successful professional women like her are so inspiring.  I think what made her stand out for me was her seeming ability to multitask and be very effective at what she does. First, she's a woman.  After reading about challenges and double standards imposed on women in all fields, it is so refreshing to see women like her make it to the top and be respected for it. Second, she runs a giant  basic science research lab. I spent about one to two years doing basic science research and that was enough for me. I think in general, being impactful and productive in basic science research is much more difficult than in clinical research which is what  I predominantly do.  Third, I looked through the staff webpage and was really impressed by the lineup of trainees at all levels, including undergraduate students. I'm not sure how much time she's able to spend it with her trainees and mentor them, but I am really impressed that she's able to do what she does while mentoring a large group of mentee. Currently, I probably mentor one or two people and it is a significant responsibility. Fourth, she contributes her time and ability an editorial board for one of the most prestigious journal, Cell! This is only a brief summary of what I read about her but I think we're so lucky to have her in this place and I hope she become the official new dean of the school of medicine. What an honor it would be for UCLA.

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