Thursday, October 8, 2015

Coursera founder, Stanford instructor Andrew Ng, Offers Free Online Machine Learning Course

A programmer friend told me about Coursera course on ML and recommended that I take it so that I can learn about ML. Seems like an awesome resource and really great of Andrew to make it available to the world. I see that I have 28K classmates! The online course just started. Check it out. LINK

10/10/2015-- just finished first week of lectures on linear regression and gradient descent. This material is Gold and so useful! I didn't think I was ever going to see matrices and vectors after my first year of college (Calculus) over 15 years ago...glad I took that course.

10/21/2015-- completed the lectures for week 2. Had lots of materials to digest, many of the content went over my head. But, I started to Octav which is the most important part of the course to me. Hoping to get some basic understanding of coding. Really excited.

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