Monday, November 27, 2017

#RSNA17 Highlights in Molecular Imaging

Another outstanding line up of lectures...deep learning/machine learning sessions were packed and no effective accommodations for overflow audience so missed out all the ML sessions (um hm, if anyone from RSNA is reading this...would be great to have all ML modules on virtual meeting agenda).

Most of the attendees seemed to arrive today so there was a lot of energy everywhere. 

Highlights for me: Molecular Imaging 
Course: Molecular Imaging Symposium: Oncologic MI Applications
Moderators: Peter Choyke and Umar Mahmood
Overall: incredibly outstanding review of MI (A+++)
Dr Mahmood gave an outstanding review on various molecular imaging modality including optical imaging:

  • Optical imaging can be used to verify diagnostic core biopsy for liver masses! Optical fiber can pass through biopsy needle bore to confirm visualization of tissue and to confirm adequate tissue specimen. Clinical trial underway at NIH

  • Optical and PET imaging use in HER2 tyrosine kinase receptor to evaluate receptor expression

Pete Choyke gave a great talk on Ga68 PSMA for prostate cancer. It's the most sensitive way to detect prostate cancer recurrence!! It's such a satisfying exam to interpret because we can be confident of recurrence in cases which would otherwise be negative by CT or MRI. It's going to dramatically change the diagnostic and treatment planning paradigm for prostate cancer recurrence after definitive therapy.  Interestingly, there are clear patterns of nodal spread pattern in PCa recurrence. Some patients can have linear streaky uptake (presumably spread to the lymphatics) which turned out to cancer on biopsy.


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