Wednesday, July 30, 2014


I started using Chrombook 2-3 months ago and I am a convert. Previously, I had been using primarily Windows. Chrombook doesn't replace Windows but it can do about 80% of the work I did on my Windows laptop except Chrombook is so much faster! You don't have to deal with the bizillion crapware that need to load every time you open Windows. The speed to turn on the Chrombook and to start working is comparable to Mac. But, it definitely has its limitations. VPN doesn't work on Chromebook and there are limited Chrombook app available so cannot really do any serious software applications that you need Windows for. Despite the limitations, it has become my go-to laptop for the basic functions and internet needs which comprise about 80% of what I do. Plus, Chrombooks are so ridiculously cheap...the value I've gained from the saved  time and frustration far exceed the couple of hundred dollars I spent on the Chrombook. My 2 year old daughter loves it too. It's fast and easy to stream online Netflix or whatever to keep her busy while I get some work done.

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